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 m13-5 - Sickness EP

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m13-5 - Sickness EP Empty
PostSubject: m13-5 - Sickness EP   m13-5 - Sickness EP I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 27, 2009 12:26 am

Again, finally getting these songs off my iPod. And, again, about 2 years old. These are the only completed tracks (other than 1 called "Gone" which I sadly lost) from the cd I was going to release called RapedTorturedMassacred. If you import the tracks into iTunes, you'll notice the songs are already designated as their proper track number in relation to that cd. Oh well..


1. Consequence - 2:13
2. Diary of a Masochist - 1:38
3. Endless Abyss - 3:39 download.php?5dtiikfjkni

Fun fact: These three tracks are very simplistic, utilizing one beat to go throughout the songs. "Gone" was much unlike that. It had a string introduction, then a build up with bass and drums accompanying the strings. Then during the verse, the bass played the string introduction melody while the strings did long chords. There was a noise breakdown in the middle, followed by another verse and chorus. This then faded into an ambient section much like "Journey of the Dying Soul" and "Fear of God's Hand" from Freight Train Rivalry. Honestly, it was the most ambitious, and probably greatest, song I ever recorded.
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m13-5 - Sickness EP
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