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 August Underground

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Loxx O)))

Loxx O)))

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PostSubject: August Underground   August Underground I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 1:46 am

Beating your face in
Satiates my hunger for bloodlust

Slicing through your skin
Makes me feel alive
Driving nails into your flesh
It's the rush that I need

What is that makes you think
That you can escape from this
Punishment for your deeds
In this encounter tonight
I'll saw you into pieces
Leave you a mangled corpse
No escaping from this death
Tonight will be your last night - to live

Is this what you want?
Just another tape in my collection
Is this how you die?
Just another whore raped and beaten

This is where it ends for you

Sawing through the leg
Blood gushing from the wound
Watch as I slaughter
Your other half

Yes, this is happening
Never in your nightmares
Has humanity been this cruel
Killing you and those you love

Chasing those whores down
Leaving no witnesses
To the carnage
That I create
And on this tape
My gift to you