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 Riff Raff

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Loxx O)))

Loxx O)))

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PostSubject: Riff Raff   Riff Raff I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 19, 2014 1:59 am

Don't know how you guys feel about him.  I always thought he was pretty bad... and then he appeared in a Hyper Crush song which I loved... and then he released Neon Icon.  I remember listening to that album when it came out and enjoyed it... but hadn't listened to it since.  The other night I, for some reason, decided to go on a Riff Raff binge.  I've listened to Neon Icon 10+ times in the last couple of days and god damn, I love it.  It's bad.  I mean, his lyrics are retarded as hell... but to me, he has a decent flow and the music is good.  I'm sold on Riff Raff.  Do you guys enjoy him?  Hate him?

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PostSubject: Re: Riff Raff   Riff Raff I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 19, 2014 6:26 am

I'm not a huge fan of Riff Raff, but I do think he's a funny character and I enjoy some of his songs. I agree Neon Icon is great.
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Riff Raff
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