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 Nokturne/Noctifer - Wargod Domination

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Nokturne/Noctifer - Wargod Domination Empty
PostSubject: Nokturne/Noctifer - Wargod Domination   Nokturne/Noctifer - Wargod Domination I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 04, 2008 9:14 pm

This split album is one of my first real tastes of Black Metal. I've heard a few songs by other Black Metal bands but other then this cd all i own is a few Cradle Of Filth cds but they're more like Symphonic Black Metal now.

Not too bad. Both bands have varying sounds so it was easy to work out when Nokturne's section of the album ended and Noctifer's began. The music is nothing amazing or uplifting as i expected from bands in the Black Metal genre. Some songs on the album out stay their welcome alittle bit but the songs don't go on for too long that you end up skipping the track to save time.

The cd booklet lacks any lyrics so for those who like to learn the words you'll have to use the net to find the lyrics to the tracks.

I know this review kinda sucks and isn't in depth but i can't say alot since i don't know the genre well but i'd give it a 6/10.

Standout tracks
Nokturne - Nachtfuhrers moon
Noctifer - Glorification Of The Past
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Nokturne/Noctifer - Wargod Domination
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