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 Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life

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Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life Empty
PostSubject: Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life   Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 21, 2008 5:28 am

The opening instrumental track serves no real purposes and serves only to bore me for it's entire duration. Luckily it's over and done with just after a minute. The first full track is a poor choice on the album "Save The Castle And Screw The Princess" is the longest track on the album and it isn't a very inspiring track. The dual vocals from both singers have little effect, the screamer isn't very powerful and the growler is only adequate so the vocal impact is pretty weak. The music itself sounds very mundane and lacking compared to some of the things that are heard later on in the album.

Vocals might be weak but to save themselves from being a poor quality generic Deathcore band is their experimentations within their music. "Cuffed To Your Ankles" is a good example as some of the riffs aren't typical deathcore riffs and they sound very blues influenced. Half way into the song the guitar work is no longer distorted but clear and playing softly with birds chirping in the background.

"Shoeshine For Neptune" is a good track. Grindcore style fast paced riffing on the fret board is used aswell as a very synthetic sounding keyboard patter. Sadly the screamers vocals are hard to understand and they get lost within the music.

Their experimentation is really what saves Arsonists Get All The Girls on this album. If the vocalists improve their singing then they would be a hell of a lot better. The Number 12 Looks Like You is a good comparison band especially their album Mongrel.


EDIT: stand out tracks
Shoeshine For Neptune
To Get Eaten By Rats
13 Year Old Ruby
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Arsonists Get All The Girls - The Game Of Life
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