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Character sheet from krischance0303

View a character sheet Kazimo

 Name : Aimie
 Rank : Sith Cadet
 Age : 22
 Gender :
 Health Points :
 Force Points :
 Experience Points : 0/100
 Biography : Armed with her double edged katana and her bag of explosives, Aimie Hirosoma waits quietly for her time to shine. Raised in a family with only brothers and a father, she knows nothing of cooking or sewing, only fighting. Being the youngest and only female had it’s hardships however; Aimie was always the slowest and weakest growing up. She ran away from home at fourteen to become a stronger warrior. Hearing about the Academy while training on Mount Okuhotaka in Japan, she decided she would gain her family’s acceptance by becoming the best fighter. Under the master trainer there, she has learned techniqes long forgotten from Japanese history. Her hope is that she will conquer all.